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construction-recycling-ACI5 Benefits of Recycling 
Construction Materials 

Remember that saying, “reduce, reuse, recycle”? It’s more than just a chant that can get stuck in your head. Construction and demolition (C&D) can create an alarming amount of waste, and recycling as much of this material as possible is one small but impactful step in doing your part for the environment. Although it can take more effort on a construction company’s part to recycle instead of simply tossing materials into the nearest landfill, there are lots of bonuses to recycling these materials that can benefit your business. Read more here.

 design-build-vs-constructionHow Does Design-Build Compare to Traditional Construction?

You have probably heard by now that the design-build method of construction can save you time, money, and lots of potential headaches throughout the life of your next project. But what are the distinctions between design-build and regular construction? Let’s break down how these approaches compare to one another.



Industry Article

Industry Outlook 2019 - MCS Magazine

If only there was a crystal ball to gaze upon to get the outlook for 2019 … but there isn’t. What we have are indicators in the construction market to gauge a probable outcome such as labor market, unemployment rate, materials cost, interest rates, global economic climate, and others. To get an insight into what can be expected in 2019, check out these two takes on the matter: 


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Customer Quote

"The Corry Federal Credit Union would like to express gratitude to your firm for planning, design and construction of our branch office in Union City, PA. We found your company to be responsive to our questions and needs throughout the entire process. The staff of ACI often went above and beyond with many aspects of the project.

I greatly appreciate your quick response and turnover on all aspects of this project. You were and awesome company to take care of this project for us. Perhaps most important, our members love the new office and they are making good use of it already.

Thank you again for our time together. I am hoping we will have future business endeavors."

-Stacey Heiser, Corry Federal Credit Union